Hogwood BBQ is the vision of Michael Marsee and his love for barbecue and wood fired cooking.  Michael Graduated from the New England Culinary Institute with honors. His work experience ranges from cooking on a private ranch in Colorado to a chef for a international family based in Dubai.  After traveling the world tasting new flavors and picking up techniques along the way, has returned to Crested Butte, eager to develop a grown love for barbecue by smoking meat with local orchard wood creating a flavor distinct to Colorado. Starting with a pepper based rub mixed with many bold spices that enhances the flavor of the meat and creating that dark bark on the skin. His barbecue sauce is also a unique combination of pepper, sweet, and vinegar that only compliments the meat not to masque the wonderful aroma and flavor of the smoke. He is excited about the new venture in Crested Butte and hopes everyone will come to love his Hogwood style barbecue! 

Hogwood BBQ specializes in catering for clients ranging from small family gatherings to weddings and special events in the hundreds.  His culinary journey has tested his skills in some interesting venues ranging from rustic to world class. Michael is always willing to design a menu that is the best fit for you and your event.    



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